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Unlike other search engine optimization companies in existence, we cover all aspects of online marketing services for our clients. SEO Leaders’ philosophy in online marketing is to provide education to our clients about the processes involved in creating an efficient website that will become recognized and well received by its target consumers. By choosing SEO Leaders, your company will receive up-to-date progress reports, drive targeted traffic to your website, establish sponsor campaigns on all major search engines, and ensure that your website is compatible with no errors using W3C standards. Most importantly, the information we collect about your traffic will be provided to you so that you can understand your website’s traffic and modify your business according to the consumer’s you attract. We are here every step of the way, even through the ups and downs of this unpredictable industry. At Digital Business, your success is our success.

Why choose Digital Business Network?

If you’re not already convinced by our dedication to your business, perhaps our endless list of services will. We promise to:

  1. Submit your website to search engines
  2. Create a real database directory and link exchange with world wide websites of similar content
  3. Establish a Page Rank for all pages
  4. Optimize every page, including keywords that reflect each one specifically
  5. Manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  6. Provide a diagnostic report of target traffic
  7. Web host if necessary
  8. Web design*
  9. Register domain names
  10. Validate W3C standards

We provide a variety of services that do include SEO services. Our SEO services are contracted out to this company:

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Internet Marketing

How are you marketing on the internet? There are lots of different ways to market your local business on the internet. We like to call a lot of what we do as inbound marketing. This concepts means that we are driving people to your website or to you business through particular avenues that give us access to lead people to move inward toward your company. We use lots of different ways to create this inbound marketing services.

Blog posts- these are a great way to generate curiosity regarding your services. A well placed blog title focused on meeting the needs of local clients can generate tons of attention and draw people to your website. Of course, this means having great content to follow. We have found that providing services of value really help to gain trust and authority within the field

Social Media presence- We suggest you have a strong and vibrant social media platform. Social media marketing has become a huge means of drawing clients and businesses to your site. Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus presence? These are fabulous ways not only to get your services in front of your clients but it also helps to brand your name as well.

YouTube Videos- If you are thinking about hitting all areas of inbound marketing, then YouTube videos should be near the top of your list. They create an incredible almost live feeling to your business as you present your company to your clients. Here is a local company who made a YouTube marketing video for their target area tree service Augusta GA.

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Web Host Servers

Without doubts, formation of a website is no child’s play for sure. Nonetheless, opting for a web host requires even more attention and should not be taken lightly at all. With so many web hosts in the market nowadays, it is quite perplexing to select the best amongst them. For making a selection of the best website host you should have at your disposal several alternates along with that clearly figure out the norms on the basis of which you will make the selection. The following guidelines will assist you in making the right choice.

The main point that you is worth considering in your search of web hosts is knowledge about the website’s working nature. The fact that you should be well acquainted with the requirements of your website cannot be totally ignored. If you need a website to load large files then a host that offers unlimited space is the best bet. Bandwidth is a very crucial factor. Another key factor to be considered is if the website is for commercial usage or personal usage. If you plan to generate profit from the website then in that case if you invest for space of storage as well as bandwidth then this will work in your stride. In case you intend to form a website to generate revenue then it is advisable to invest in sufficient amount of storage space as well as bandwidth. In case you intend to website as a blog and are keen to host the site with services such as TypePad, in such a case it is advised to look out for the websites host that offers you with the domain mapping facility.

It is also important for you to set your budget right prior to going shopping. Being familiar with your monetary constrains will assist you in saving your precious time as well as making right and quick decisions. In a circumstance when a web hosts comes across as really expensive then in such a case you can make a move to the next in series devoid of any problem. Furthermore, you can select the best possible alternate available within a particular range of price.

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Web Hosting

Website hosting is which connects a website to the internet so that customers or internet surfers will be able to access your website for business or profits. The computer that works as a server or service provider just hosts the websites and it has to be very fast to ensure that surfers can access your website at any time. It will also have thousands of websites being hosted at the same and different spaces being allotted for the different websites on the page. As a result, while choosing a webservice provider, you will need to check the service provider and assess everything you can before you finally choose the service provider. To help you out, weve created as short guide that should prove helpful.

Types of web servers: free vs. paid
Free hosts are ideal for small business owners who cannot afford to pay for a professional service. However, you should know that free services mean that you get limited features with the server services. You will have to deal with ads on every page, unreliable service, unlimited downtime, unexpected breakdowns and very little extra features.
Paid internet hosts are much better. With a paid hosting service, you will be able get a range of useful features for a monthly or a yearly fee.
• You can also choose from shared hosting services, which are cheaper than dedicated hosting. You pay a monthly fee and get a share of space on a server. You will get a small amount of disk space and a little bandwidth more than free carriers.
• For a slightly more expenditure, you will get something called as dedicated services which are a full server dedicated to your website. This is very good for image and content heavy websites but dedicated servers are limited to websites that do a large quantify of traffic and business every day like Ecommerce or shopping websites with a large amount of traffic.
Dedicated servers cost about $100 per month as compared to shared servers which is about $2 to about $20 per month.
• Colocated servers are also good if you own the server. Your server will be hosted on a datacenter and it will then connected to the internet. This is actually cheaper but you do have to pay a maintenance fee.
You should know that almost every internet connecter service offers a range of packages and deals that you can choose from to ensure that your website is up and running.

Determining your needs
Web pages are usually very small and they are usually about 40 KB to about 50 KB per page. This means that a single page can take up a lot of information. If you have a lot of information like videos and photos, then you can consider having a website with 20 MB or more of space. Bandwidth is also important and it refers to the amount of data that is transferred from the web server to your browser. The amount of bandwidth you use is usually related to the daily traffic or visitors who come to your website. We recommend that about 3 GB or less of bandwidth is more than enough for an average site.

Finding the right web connection plan to buy
There are many web directories online and they all offer a range of wonderful features. Make sure you compare rates and features along with accessories before you choose. Companies do tend to promise the earth but unless you know what you are getting into, there is a very good chance that you are being cheated. Check online reviews, customers comments and even the BBB to find out how each company works and the benefits and disadvantages of each. We recommend you read everything but make an informed decision on how to proceed. You can check out our reviews from Tree Service Birmingham Alabama. They have been using us for years and are very excited about our hosting products.

Now that you know a little bit about hosting providers, you can finally make an informed decision. You should know that there are several great companies online and everyone offers a range of unique features to choose.

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Using YouTube Videos to Market Your Business

We love YouTube videos. We think it is one of the best ways to get your business in front of people. These videos allow your clients to see the services you offer. It has a very powerful effect on your clients. We live in a video cultural. If you are scrolling through Facebook, then you are more than likely to click on a video than an image. Our culture has shifted towards viewing videos. Due to this, it opens the door for us to be able take advantage of this desire to watch video by providing our clients with great looking videos. We now live in an era where we are talking about using these videos as a commercial for your company. Instead of focusing on commercial for tv, we now have the opportunity to get these videos in front of people on the internet either on Facebook, YouTube or Google search engines.

Here are some of the top reasons to use YouTube:

It builds your brand through video.

It creates a greater sense of authority with your company.

People can see your business and they have a greater connection to it.

People love videos.

It is the next step in marketing.

We have tons of experience helping local businesses with their video commercials. Our clients have been very surprised at how well their videos have generated leads. One of clients who focuses on tree removal Columbia SC can’t sing our praises enough. They have gotten tons of leads for simply having their video on YouTube.

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Digital Business Network

When it comes to web hosting, we offer only the best. We understand that your online image is everything; whether your website is for business or individual needs. In addition to quality, reliable and secure website hosting, we charge very reasonable and affordable prices.

Our best features

Website creation
Not everybody in the United Kingdom is a computer wizard, yet in this era and age, one is required to run a website for personal blogging or commercial needs. It is in this respect that we provide you with free and easy-to-use website creation software so that by simply copying the template/ using our website creation wizard, you can easily, and fast, set up your own website. This not only saves you the hassle of having to source for an IT person to set up your website, but also enables you to give your website a personalized touch; as you can design it the way you want. It also saves your pocket as you save what you would have paid the IT person. Here is a local plumbing company with which we were able to build their website:

Website management
We take your website hosting seriously and aim at making your experience pleasant and rewarding. It is in this respect, and in addition to enabling you to create your own website, that we provide you with a control panel software that you can use to customize your website and change or add as many features as you wish. This is a great feature as you will do not have to seek anyone to come and adjust anything on your website anytime you need to delete or add a feature. The cpanel enables you to easily, and fast, make all the changes you need to increase traffic into your website and gain the popularity or sales you so desire; without having it cost you much.

Our bandwidth and speed are guaranteed. You, therefore, dont need to log out/ shut down some programs in order to run effectively run others. Our technology ensures that you get uninterrupted services, and you can trust our services run many programs at once- without compromising the quality of any-.

We aim to provide the best customer satisfaction, and that is why ensure that, unlike many free web-hosting companies- which do not guarantee the quality nor security of your online operations-, and unlike many others who charge high prices for relatively good quality services, we charge only a reasonable amount for high quality and secure web hosting.

Customer care
We do understand that residents need a reliable website provider and that is why we, in addition to ensuring we have guaranteed data speeds, have available technical support for all our customers. We can be reached through our phone lines, via live chats and emails or tickets to provide any customer support needed by any of our UK customers. This is because at times systems do not work as anticipated- due to a technical glitch, geographical location etc, and we need to be there for you if and when the need arises.

Money back guarantee
Whereas we guarantee quality and reliable website hosting for all our customers, we have a money back guarantee policy, for those customers who do not get satisfied with our services due to a problem that cannot be solved at the time. This makes us the best choice to UK customers; as they can feel free subscribe to our plans as the risk of losing money is limited.

FTP- File Transfer Protocol
While many systems fail to successfully or timely deliver information when you want them to, we have enabled FTP; to enable you transfer files faster to other networks and machines. We support a variety of operating systems and are compatible with a number of devices; to increase our usefulness in hosting your website and helping you achieve great results.

Disk space and emails
For all your personal and commercial needs, we give large disk spaces and many email addresses- some being web-based and with advanced features such as forwarding, anti-spam, anti-virus, etc.

We enable you to sell your products online and have databases that make this easier and manageable for you.

Free domain and registration
Our free domain to our clients, not only save them the hassle and costs of establishing a new domain, but also gives them the advantage of already being well known (as our name is already widely known) so that they work less hard in attracting the desired traffic into their websites.

Social Media

We also provide help with social media management. We schedule posts and work with our clients to better help them brand their business online. If you are looking for help with managing your social media, then contact us on Facebook- Search Engine Optimization Nashville.

YouTube Marketing- We offer invaluable services that help local companies market their image to their customers. We offer a wide variety of possible videos from custom videos, to whiteboard videos, to animation videos and much more. Here is a custom video we did for some clients of ours who is a plumber Augusta GA and plumber Spartanburg SC.

With all of these options and services, we believe we are one of the best Digital Business Network solutions for your company. Please feel free to give us a call or contact us through our contact page. We would love the opportunity to serve you.

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