Dedicated Servers

Digital Omaha Network MANAGED Dedicated Servers are a perfect solution for popular sites, a large company, an online mall, or reseller/presence providers. Hosting services on a shared server are sometimes not enough to allow you the kind of control, configuration, power, and accessibility that you require. When such is the case, you need to consider a dedicated server solution. You can fully control account setups, software installations, user modifications, and data backups. For a lower price than some web hosting companies’ larger packages, with Digital Omaha Network you can operate your own dedicated server!

Digital Omaha Network will handle building the server to your specifications, install the operating system, and configure system software. Digital Omaha Network will maintain all hardware, and monitor your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Our Network Operations Center is connected via:

  • Time Warner Gigabit Fiber (1000mbps)
  • 4 Verio Gigabit Fibers (4000mbps)
  • Cogent Gigabit Fiber (1000mbps)
  • Williams Gigabit Fiber (1000mbps)
  • Allegiance Gigabit Fiber (1000mbps)
  • 3 MFN Gigabit Fibers (3000mbps)
  • Savvis OC3 (155mbps)
  • ELI DS3 (43mbps)

All servers are wired into an uninterruptible power supply, as well as connected to a deisel backup generator. Digital Omaha Network Dedicated Servers are built with Intel™/AMD™ Processors, 3Com™/Intel™ NICs, PC100/133 SDRAM/PC2100 DDR, and ONLY major name brand components.

Your basic contract with Digital Omaha Network includes system administration, but not individualized development work unless otherwise specified. Most administration tasks that a system administrator usually handles, with a little basic training you can handle by yourself.

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