Free Design Tools

FTP, SFTP and Telnet Tools

WinSCP – Explorer like Secure FTP client
AceFTP 3.0 – Freeware FTP client
Putty SSH/Telnet Client

HTML, PHP, JavaScript Tools

WebEdit 2002


WebEdit 2002 is a freeware HTML design tool that includes syntax coloring, preview panes, JavaScript code libraries, character codes, macro recording and so much more!

With this free utility you will be able to edit your webpage with ease without loosing functionality. Have you ever wanted to change the scroll bar’s color scheme on your website but didn’t know how? Web Edit will have it done for you in no time. Tables, pictures, links, and formatting will all seem simple with this tool.

Does your current provider offer free software like this?

Selida 2.1


Selida is one of the best web creation tools available on the internet today. Unlike most programs of this quality Selida is FREE. This is why we have included this software in our Free Design Tools section. Download Selida today and get started making your website now. Selida combined with Digital Omaha Network’s superior quality hosting will certainly allow your site to reach its full potential.

What did the other hosts offer for you to use? At Digital Omaha Network you buy quality, not just service.

  • New
  • Open
  • Open from Web…
  • Save
  • Save as
  • Save copy as RTF
  • Close
  • Print
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Paste as HTML
  • Multilevel undo/redo
  • Overwrite
  • Save a file as template NEW!
  • Format HTML (Simple/Compact/Hierchal)
  • Case selection (upper/lower)
  • Search/Replace/Search Next Upgraded!
  • Select All
  • Hyperlink
  • Image Upgraded!
  • Color Upgraded!
  • Quick color Upgraded!
  • Frame
  • Start Tag Upgraded!
  • End Tag Upgraded!
  • Comment Upgraded!
  • Quick Table
  • Table Wizard
  • Layer Wizard
  • Shockwave/Flash NEW!
  • Java Applet NEW!
  • Active X
  • Marquee
  • Horizontal Ruler
  • Sound
  • Start tag
  • End tag
  • Faded Text
  • Wave Effect
  • Form NEW!
  • Meta Information
  • Keywords NEW!
  • Comment
  • Background
  • List
  • Font Upgraded!
  • Date Time
  • Tag designer
  • View in browser (up to four diffrent browsers)
  • Select tag
  • Estimated Download Timer
  • Global Search and replace
  • Full HTML Tidy integration
  • Compress Source Upgraded!
  • Document statestic
  • Complete HTML taglist
  • Errorchecker Upgraded!
  • Multifunctional clipboard (like the one in Word XP)
  • Document wizard
  • Site wizard NEW!
  • Word Wrap
  • Macro Upgraded!
  • ASP Objects/functions
  • Convert from RTF to HTML
  • Covert to plain text (Strip Tags)
  • Check Links (Link validator)
  • Options Dialog
  • Character Map
  • Edit tag
  • Convert to entities
  • Auto Complete Tag
  • Auto Complete Properies
  • Auto Complete Values NEW!
  • Four diffrent views (Split/HTML/Preview/WYSIWYG)
  • True WYSIWYG editor
  • Helpfiles Upgraded!
  • Syntax Highlighter Upgraded!
  • Takes less resources
  • Preview page in different resolutions. NEW!
  • MDI (Multi Document Interface)
  • Online Forum Browser
  • Tip of the Day Upgraded!
  • Context sensetive HTML help Upgraded!
  • Quick color previewer
  • Quick Entitie viewer
  • Autosave

AceHTML 5.0 Freeware


“Experience this powerful free HTML editor which comes fully-packed with outstanding features. Although completely free, its collection of solid tools helps novices and professional webmasters build Web sites with speed, ease, and convenience. Simply put, AceHTML 5 Freeware beats hands down many other paid-for HTML editors.”



  • Perl, XML, WML, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, and JavaScript code coloration
  • Desktop Manager
  • Integrated viewer
  • International alphabet support

HTML Management

  • HTML forms creation
  • Frames creation/editing
  • Tables creation/editing
  • HTML lists creation/editing
  • Image maps creation
  • Font definitions
  • HTML Manager dockable to the Tools window
  • Hypertext link insertion
  • Images insertion
  • Paste-as-HTML feature
  • RTF files importation
More features:

Quality Assurance

  • Spelling checker (Microsoft Word required)
  • HTML Syntax Checker

Code Management

  • Library of 175 JavaScripts and DHTML scripts
  • Custom buttons
  • Document evaluation
  • Code Explorer
  • JavaScript manager dockable to the Tools window
  • Code templates
  • Extended search and replace
Project Management

  • File Manager
  • Bookmark management
  • Save HTML page as template
  • Code highlighting
  • Upload files via FTP (AceFTP required)

Design and Styles

  • Access to more than 40,000 graphics via GOgraph
  • Style Sheet Editor
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